Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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burlesquestyle said...

Hi Juli

I received them on last Friday!
They are sooooo cute.
I have not given them to my daughter yet (^o^)v
I am pretty sure she will love them!
I gotta wait 2 more days... (B-day June 16)

Thanks again.

Stacey said...

I ordered Golden Blossoms, Girl's Day and got a free bracelet with Juli's promotion!

Super fast shipping!! Only took six days from CA to Japan! :)

The Golden Blossoms bracelet was too big for me due to the flower toggle, but the other two were the perfect size! Love them, thanks Juli!

Lulu said...

I am so glad to came upon Juli's Jujubeads Jewelry. She is not only a talented jeweler, but a great friend! It was so wonderful to get to know Juli, and I am so happy to be the proud owner of several Jujubeads jewelry now. She pays great attention to your request, and packs her packages with lots of love and care, plus all the extra goodies (masks, sweets!) just make me smile :) Talk to Juli and let her help you to design that piece of jewelry you have in mind but don't know where to look for -- plus she has such affordable prices for such delicately made pieces. You can really tell that she puts in a lot of TLC into her pieces of work. <3

Iyah said...

I have lots of Jujubeads jewelry! And to tell you guys, I love how much love she puts on her work ♥ She is really passionate about making jewelries! It's also very affordable! You cannot find any great jewelries with these prices! I love Juli and I love her jewelries :)

Pinky-x said...

I have bought a lot of jewelry from Sanctuary since:

1. They aren't crazily overpriced like some other sellers.

2. Her designs are really cute and I just wanna buy everything!

3. The items are always well packaged so there isn't any damage to the items.

4. The delivery is super quick to get to me here in the UK.

5. There's always some extra goodies in the packages e.g sweets ^___^

So thanks girl ... I will be back for more soon ^____^

Sherry said...

hi Juli, I love your handmade jewellery they are unique and pretty. I love them all.

DStar said...

I purchased from Jujubeads jewelry a couple times and I am very happy with the jewelry i received. She took the time to do some custom earrings for me and they turned out fantastic. Its so affordable. I really recommend her and her jewelry, they both are amazing.

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