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 Necklace Info:
Default length is 16" -- other lengths may be requested.
Silver plated chain unless stated otherwise.
Sterling silver chain available on the non-sterling silver ones.

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Night in Paris Necklace
28" long gold chain 1 1/4" tall Eiffel tower charm, gold rhinestone spacer rondelles and Swarovski Crystal helix crystals
Temptation Necklace
18k gold plated bail
20mm Swarovski Crystal Avant-Garde in Jet

Tears On Love Necklace
10mm Swarovski Crystal Hearts on Sterling Silver Bails

August Summer Love Necklace
10mm Swarovski Crystal Hearts on Sterling Silver Bails
Take Me Away Necklace
Gold wing charm
10mm Swarovski Crystal Heart (can be requested in different colors)
18KGP bails
Heart of Hearts Necklace
18mm Swarovski Crystal Heart in Dark Indigo
Heart pinch bail

Purple Haze Round Necklace
Swarovski Crystal Purple Haze Twist pendant with a heart pinch bail.

14mm Crystal moonlight swarovski heart and 10mm swarovski heart in heliotrope (purple/blue/black tint). Wire wrapped with sterling silver. 

Out on the Seashore Necklace
Swarovski Crystal rondelle and silver turtle charm Sterling Silver wire wrapped onto a 1" Swarovski Crystals bicone circle on a Sterling Silver bail. 

 Lock & Key Double Necklace
Lock charm & heart key charm on Sterling Silver bails. 19" & 16" chains.
Star Kissed Necklace
12mm Swarovski Crystal star in Crystal Aurora Borealis on a Sterling Silver chain. 

Caribbean Waters Necklace
1" Turquoise gemstone on a Sterling Silver bail and a 26" Sterling Silver snake chain.
The Key To Happiness Necklace
1.5" Heart key charm with a 14mm Swarovski Heliotrope heart on a Sterling Silver bail.  
Majestic Moonlite Necklace
16mm White Opal Swarovski pear drop on a Sterling Silver bail & Sterling silver chain  
Golden Opportunity Necklace
Wedding inspired.
6mm Crystallized golden pearls with Swarovski rhinestone spacers. 18" in length 
Mystic Nights Necklace
18mm Swarovski Bermuda Blue heart on a gunmetal leaf bail & chain. 26" long. 
Ocean Stars Necklace
16mm Indicolite Swarovski starfish with a silver starfish charm..Sterling Silver wire wrapped onto a 16" Italian Sterling Silver chain.
Forbidden Love Necklace
Twilight inspired!
14mm Swarovski Crystal heart in Crystal Moonlight with a 10mm Swarovski Crystal heart in Siam...Sterling Silver wire wrapped onto an 16" Italian Sterling Silver chain.  
Bella & Edward Necklace
Twilight inspired!
18mm Swarovski Crystal heart in Indigo and a 14mm Swarovski Crystal heart in Crystal Golden Shadow with Sterling Silver bails on a 16" Italian Sterling Silver chain.  
Forbidden Love Ver 2 Necklace
18mm Swarovski Crystal heart in Siam with a 10mm Swarovski Crystal Moonlight heart with Sterling silver Bails on a Sterling Silver 16" Italian chain.  
Eternal Love Necklace
18mm Swarovski Crystal heart in siam on a Sterling Silver bail hanging onto a 16" Italian Sterling Silver chain 

NN24LETT Necklace
Sterling silver letter J charm, crystal aurora borealis Swarovski heart, sterling bail.  
Other letters available.  

Messenger Necklace
"Vintage" themed.
20" chain, toggle clasp, bird connector and an 8mm top-drilled Swarovski bicone in Aquamarine.  
A Lost Love Necklace
26" long on a black chain. Gunmetal lock & key charms...Swarovski Bicone and a 10mm Swarovski Crystal Heart in Tarzanite AB  
Vintage Twilight Moon Necklace
26" chain, gunmetal crescent moon pendant & Swarovski Crystals. 10mm heart.  
Carry Me Away Necklace
Silver bird pendant, 10mm Swarovski Crystal heart in Bermuda Blue. 18" chain. 

 Code: N03 
Sterling silver wire wrapped bermuda blue Swarovski heart, wing charm and crystal clear swarovski star. $7.50

Dainty Little Crystal Charm Necklace
16" Sterling Silver Chain. Swarovski Crystal Heart. Silver Charm. $14

when ordering through PP buttons.... specify the charm & heart color in comments when checking out.
Heart colors
Golden Blossoms Necklace
16" necklace. Gold flower toggle clasp, 6mm Swarovski Crystal Golden Shadow bicones, Swarovski Rondelle spacers and Crystallized cream pearls.
  Midnight Ocean Necklace
^Ignore the black rounds in the model pic^
25" long.  24mm Swarovski teardrop in Bermuda Blue, Swarovski Bicones. Sterling silver wire wrapped.  
Simple Elegance Necklace
18" All Sterling Silver. Swarovski Crystals in Crystal Aurora Borealis & Crystal Clear 
Crystal Charming Necklace
14mm Swarovski Crystal AB Heart on a Sterling Silver Bail
Wing, crown, star & bear charm
22" long

Paris Days Necklace
Crystallized pearls with an Eiffel tower charm. 
6 available

Azure Necklace
15mm Swarovski Briolette in Titan. 

Aphrodite Necklace
14mm Swarovski Crystal Heart in Vitral Medium (forest green blue-ish, tiny bit of yellow tint) on a sterling silver bail with a puffy wing charm.  

Angelic Princess Tear Necklace
22". 4mm swarovski crystal bicones in light sapphire. 10mm light sapphire swarovski heart, silver angel wing & crown charms.  

Fly to Paris Necklace
Eiffel Tower & wing charms, 10mm swarovski crystal heart in Siam.  
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Reveal a Star Necklace
25" gold chain, gold key charm & topaz swarovski star.  

Aurora Falls Necklace
Sterling Silver Chain and Bail
(A different bail will be used, refer to NEWER necklace pics)

16mm Crystal Aurora Borealis Cosmic Pendant.  

Light Night Skies Necklace
20mm crystal clear swarovski moon, 16mm light sapphire swarovski moon, 8mm light topaz star. bicone swarovski crystals.

 Love Beneath the Moon Necklace
16mm crystal clear swarovski moon, sterling silver key/heart charm & rhodium heart charm. $8.75

Believe...and Fly Away Necklace
(A different bail will be used, refer to NEWER necklace pics)
 14mm swarovski crystal vitral light heart on a sterling silver bail with a wing charm.  

Code: NNL06 Necklace
8mm light sapphire swarovski star and a 12mm clear aurora borealis swarovski star.

BE FREE Necklace
"Be free" charm, aquamarine swarovski flower, rose swarovski heart and crystal aurora borealis moon.  

Unlock Necklace
"Unlock" and key charm, with 10mm swarovski crystal aurora borealis heart and light siam. 

Angel Stars Necklace
12mm crystal aurora borealis Swarovski star, and wing charms 

Pure Angel Necklace
Sapphire and crystal clear swarovski teardrops with a wing charm. 
Code: N40 
Rose charm, 10mm swarovski Heliotrope heart and a wing charm. 
 Code: N20 
Crystal aurora borealis swarovski moon and light topaz swarovski star.  
Code: N30 
Swarovski star in Light Topaz and swarovski moon in light sapphire.  


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