Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random talk & new earrings

I bought a new nail polish :] it's like a redish-pink with tiny red/pink sparkles... it's called "pure ice tease" haha. I tend to always wear pinks/neutral colors.. same with my make up. I don't know why. Oh well.
I'm out of cotton balls, so I'm using toilet paper to take off my nail polish. Wow toilet paper suuuucks to take off nail polish! (with remover too, obviously). Takes a long time and then little bits of the toilet paper get all over the place :[

I baked mini cheesecake bites today :] They're kind of a "diet" version, but still damn good haha.

I went out to Wal-Mart tonight to bring Jordon food on his break, Subway~, (my usual routine when he works :] he's currently a manager there) and I went in and bought a few things I can stick into some orders =D I'm kind of excited lol. Lame I know, but haha! Little things make me happy. Annnd a candle that's scented cranberry mandarin!

Last week, I discovered this awesome snack bars by South Beach Diet (Living). They're these 100 calorie bar things..two flavors. Whipped chocolate almond and some berry one. They're surprisingly addicting. I finished off a 6 pack in 2~3 days :[ and I didn't gain weight off of them! yay! lol. Target doesn't sell them!! So this week, because I was lazy to go to Wal-mart during the week since I was just going to go on the weekend for Jordon.. I was going crazy without those bars. Now...I think i'm going to eat one!

I also discovered an energy drink I like (when I was doing an all nighter for my Biolgy final, which i got a 110/125!! oh yeah babyyyy. Okay, so I didn't actually stay up ALL night.. I went to sleep at 3am though! woke up at 5am...fell back to sleep..woke up at 7am, reviewed for 20min..went back to sleep again and actually got up at 8:15am :P).. I normally don't drink energy drinks because they taste like pure sugar, and are too sweet...but I surprisingly like this one. It's Rockstar's Zero Carb Zero sugar, the blue can one.

Jordon and I want go to Disneyland :[ But today was the last free days on our annual passes for this year. I don't think we can go again until mid January. That suckkkks

Oh my gosh my computer is really starting to annoy me's practically constantly lagging, when I don't even have any major programs open, or that many for that matter. I'll just have AIM, MSN messenger, iTunes, and firefox open :/ I don't know if it's because I don't have a lot of free space on the computer, that it's just getting old (not really though.. it's only 2 years old) or what... D:< I would like a laptop, but then again I don't. I'm just not sure yet...because I use my computer to watch movies on since I don't have a TV in my room to do that. And I know if I get a laptop, I'll have to replace my desk because this desk is HUGE and is designed to have a desktop on it. Bllaaah.

Also! I thought of a giveaway thing :]
If you refer 3 friends, and those 3 friends all order at least one thing, I'll send you something for free! :]

Here are some new earrings :]

And 4 custom ordered ones:


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