Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ahhh I was going to take pictures of jewelry..but then I camera died on Wednesday night!! >_< :[ just a regular digital camera, and it cost $160 D:< didn't even last me a year... :[ no more Olympus cameras for me. I'm probably going to go buy a new one 

Edna has been posting on twitter that she's at Starbucks studying, so now I really want some. My favorite is their Iced Caramel Macchiato :] I love their caramel it's so buttery, lol.

Jordon & I tried the Guppy Tea House in Anaheim Hills (I've now been to all except Hacienda Heights). It is definitely a bit more roomy than the other Guppys (those who have been there know it's kind of tight in there!) I liked their popcorn chicken way better than Cerritos & Irvine. But.. I ordered a cold Thai milk tea...there were 3 other groups of 2~3 people in there. We got in first and they all came in about 5-10 minutes after. They got their drinks first! AND THEY ORDERED THE SAME DRINK D:< We also got our food first before I got my tea, what the. 

If you're looking for good black sandals.. I suggest ones I've gotten from the brand Reef. I bought my first pair a few years ago, AND THEY'RE STILL GOOD! I just got a new pair the other day because the grip stuff whatever on the bottom is all dead. But wow, they lasted so long, I was surprised. My favorite sandals! This is the one I got.  Eeh okay the website doesn't have them!!! o___o anyway, lol well I got them for $22.00. and they have the arch thing for your feet. they're amazinggggg :]

I finally got my dirty ass car washed yaaaay. I've been wanting to wash it sooo bad lately, but it's been randomly raining for 1 day and then stopping, sunny.. rain a few days later again. Ugh. Then.. I got new front breaks (been needed them)...rear shocks (need front too, they were supposed to do the front but they didn't!). And replaced the front wheel bearings (whatever that's for, my dad said my car needed it). What a huge difference the shocks made. I don't know if the bearings have something to do with it too, but wow. The feel of the car is so much better now. I thought the way it felt was just normal lol. I had no idea it needed shocks :o

Well... since I don't have my camera to take pics of new jewelry :/
time to work on orders.

..scratch that. Mom wants to go to Michaels lol.


Edna said...

Awww, Sorry if I was teasing ya with Starbucks :(

Now you are teasing me with Guppys!

Hope you find a good camera soon. Canon makes really nice ones :)

Golden said...

Hi dearie!

Dropping some love on your blog.

Wow! Congratulations on your 6th monthsary.

Maybe your new mascara is making your lashes to fall out? I had that same experience after trying out a waterproof mascara from Maybelline.

Those earrings are so pretty and congratulations for getting yourself a new camera. Jujubeads Jewelry is a catchy name indeed. :)

Lots of love,

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