Saturday, October 9, 2010

more new pics to replace older ones

I just finished watching the Xena: Warrior Princess series! hahhaha I used to watch it a lot as a kid (i asked my mom, 'why did you let me watch such a violent show?' haha) so I thought it would be something to entertain me while i make jewelry. I realized that I had NO IDEA what was going on in the show when i was younger, lol. And I cant believe they ended it with her dead! o_o

On another TV note...Vampire Diarieeeeeeeeeees!! last episode...crazy o: but then again, all of em have been crazy now since the season 1 finale.


ipehishere said...

lol xena !! i think i wacthed it when i was elementary school hehe.. cute jewerly like always ♥ :)

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