Friday, October 8, 2010

Woohoo finally 2 new ear cuff designs!....kind of

So I'm pretty much caught up with orders right now except for a few big big ones! (about 4-5 to be exact)..which will be worked on over the weekend.

I barely ate anything for lunch..and yet I feel so full! just 1 bread stick, 1 cream cheese wonton (love these) and a few pieces of popcorn's weird since I never feel full after eating a little bit like that. Guess it's a good thing though...

Gonna go buy some green tea! i'm in a green tea mood these past few days...

and for now, some new pics of old designs again. once i get halfway-done with the big orders, i should finally get time to make some new designs...WAY OVERDUE! i think it's been about 1-2 months since i've designed something new...sigh. 
oh well. keeping busy :]

Oh actually these two here are new lol. they're basically redone designs of previous ones though. just changed one thing here and there.

(there's a little cross charm on the 2nd piercing if you can't tell)
Double piercing Ear Cuff with silver hollow cross charms and a mini silver cross charm on the 2nd piercing.
Silver hollow cross charms with a silver feather/wing charm


KB said...

Beautiful jewelry.

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