Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sneak Peak..& a little personal life note thrown in :/

Just a little sneak peak of one of the new ear cuff designs...

I'll be uploading some more soon.

I want to thank you who placed orders with me this past december and have been very patient.
We all know our personal lives can come up a lot to be with family & friends during this busy month

I will be working on them today.

On a side..bad news...

I hate this year already. 2011 sucks.
We found my cat of 12-14 years (I lost track) dead upstairs... :/ 
(last night on jan 1st, how fun...)
We have no idea why, maybe just old age or something (although she never acted like she was old! always running around). 
We'll never know...

Sure it's just a cat, to those of you who never experienced the bond that can be there between a pet & a human....she's always been there ever since I was a's really hard to accept it right now :/

RIP Charcoal


IchigoBunnie said...

im so sorry about your cat :( i understand what you mean. even though my cat didn't die, when we first moved to our new house, my cat ran away and then i ended up finding out she has a new owner. i cried my eyes out cuz i grew up with her since i was 6 years old and then i knew i couldnt see her in our backyard anymore or feed her, play with her and all that.

i hope things get better for you

Lulu said...

This really sucks :( I'm so sorry about Charcoal. *hug hug*

yumiko said...

hey lulu. things will be better for you. sorry about charcoal. I had a cat just like her and they are really loyal. my cat ran away from home too...

Pop Champagne said...

awww sorry to hear about your cat :( I am sure that your kitty is in a better place now

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