Monday, May 16, 2011

Store Info, Shipping & Ordering

Orders are shipped from Southern California, USA.
After confirmation / payment has been made.

U.S. Orders should arrive within 1-4 weeks.
International orders should arrive within 1-6 weeks.

Prices on jewelry pieces vary depending on materials used!

Shipping: Shipping costs cover, not only the price to ship the package but:
gas, packaging materials (ink, paper, bubble mailers, stuff to make the package look "nice"), most of the time a tracking number, and of course, time.
So please, don't complain about shipping costs. you're already getting a GREAT DEAL on these earrings as they go for $15+ at other locations and are pretty darn rare!

International packages WILL NOT have a tracking number, as USPS does not provide that option, unless Express is purchased

Returns and exchanges can only be made if in the rare event, the item you have received is the incorrect one.

I am NOT, responsible for damaged packages by the postal service once I drop it off 
(purchase insurance if you're worried about damage).

Lost and/or Damaged Packages:
I am NOT held responsible for lost packages in the mail; once the package is dropped off at the post office, it's out of my hands and now under the responsibility of the Post Office.

You may purchase INSURANCE at an additional cost (contact me) to protect your package. Only then, any loss or damage that happened can be taken up with the Post office.

I am not responsible for shipping to the wrong address if I had shipped it to the one listed on the PayPal shipment address / one you provided me with BEFORE shipment.

If a package has a tracking number on it and it says "delivered" I am not responsible if you claim you have not received your package.

Additional Info:
Keep in mind these are HANDMADE JEWELRY.
Please treat them with the BEST tender loving care! :]

Also, because they are handmade, I may get a time where I have more orders at one time than other times, so please be patient to receive your package.

I am not held responsible if an infection occurs. Please clean your jewelry before wearing it and know what metals you may be allergic to!

Most, if not all, base findings will be Sterling silver/Sterling silver plated unless otherwise said. Such as chain and stud/posts which can be replaced at additional charges for Sterling.

The main crystal used in the pieces are Crystallized Swarovski Crystals.

Earrings can be replaced with clip ons up to 2 for free, $1 for each additional pair.

Custom orders are welcome.

Shipping Options:

Delivery Confirmation comes free with purchased made through Paypal. 

Payments can be made with:
(I am Paypal Verified as of 4 years)
Debit/Credit card 
(done through Paypal, without you needing an account. Click on the above link to see screen shots)  
Money Order
Personal Checks
Concealed Cash

Note: Priority does take priority over other packages..less likely to get lost & arrives faster. (not according to me, this is according to the P.O.)

Standard shipping, US Residents (2~5 days): $2.85
Priority mail, US Residents (2~3 days): $8
International standard shipping (1~7 weeks): $3.45
International (All other countries) Priority Mail (6~10 days): $15



Mike said...

I really like how you used a lot of the things that came in the package! My daughter and I are working on a project with some but I have to keep putting it away with the open houses and such! Thanks for the sweet inspiration today!
antique rings

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