Friday, July 1, 2011

Picture logo cropping reseller >:[

Alright, I need a serious jewelry rant vent here.

A seller from Australia decided to use my jewelry images to resell. I don't mind reselling, I really don't, I don't know how much I should stress that. BUT, when you use my images AND CROP OUT the "Jujubeads Jewelry" rude is that? She claims she got them from their wholesaler. Well, they sure as heck cannot be purchased anywhere else. ONLY if these other Ear Cuff makers that started up (I won't mention who) are making these for them (no I'm not saying that you are doing it, it's just an idea)

The facebook seller is:

They specifically said:
"we have permission from our wholesaler" 
"Just to mention i didn't get the pictures from you ...awks" 

That wholesaler one is what gave me the idea of other ear cuff makers making them for them. If so, that's rude too.

A fellow nice customer told me about this "BrokenHeart"

And of course, my images:
I know this is recent too because THIS ^^^ picture wasn't taken more than maybe 1-2 months ago

All images uploaded STRAIGHT from my computer..even with the image names of the default camera numbers

Yes, if they really are going to be purchased from me, if they ever manage to get 10 people to  buy those ear cuffs at $30 each, then I'm definitely refusing them service for what they did.


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