Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wal-Mart Trip..$100+ on just clothes, ouch's the usual morning...Jordon (my boyfriend) wakes up, gets ready, goes to work. Then, today, he came back in after leaving...telling me his battery in his car died. Ughhhh now I had to get outta bed on 3.5 hours of sleep to drop him off lol (he's not  allowed to drive my Mustang, yet, haha!), oh well...forces me to just wake up and get more stuff done, instead of sleeping for too long.

We jump started his car during his lunch break, so I decided to go into Wal-Mart....bad idea. 
They have a ton of active/lounge/yoga clothes right now, which are basically my weakness! I LOVE lounge/yoga pants.
I had to get myself out of there after looking at clothes....because if I had browsed more, I probably would have spent over $160 lol. I'm trying to not spend money this month, darn it!

Most of the time, they are out of my size in the clothes I really want, which is frustrating :( I got kind of l lucky this time! But they were still out of some that I wanted...good or else I would have spent even more lol.

I ended up buying 3 yoga/lounge pants (that No Bounderies brand), 2 active/Danskin hoodies, a white cardigan and 2 leopard shirts that are surprisingly cute. Usually I don't like their tops but these drew me in!

 Since this one is one of those crop top things, whatever they are called (I'm not a fashionista, keep that in mind!) I plan to wear a spaghetti strap under this, plus it's needed since it's a bit sheer!

Of course I had to get their famous $5 shorts they bring right before spring/summer. I love these too! I bought 2..both black, one has pockets, one doesn't. Which I shouldn't have since I already have that black one with the pockets. Although, after you throw them in the wash, I hate how that elastic band gets twisted!

I'm pretty sure you know what the yoga/lounge pants look like, since they pretty much look the same everywhere, so I didn't bother posting pictures of those :p

And that's my random post for today!


Eugenia said...

Those leopard shirts are really cute!! Where have you been?!

Lacy said...

I love that blue one!!

Juli said...

Eugenia! I have basically been MIA off blogger lol. I'm alive again! I got sooo busy with my jewelry business!

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