Monday, January 7, 2013


Naturally, almost everyone's new year resolution is to lose weight. I have 15lbs I want to be gone. My fiance is also working on losing 40lbs ("gotta look good for that wedding!" haha)
Anyways, since I still had two full bags of the visalus shake mix, I thought, why not start that up again. Here's a couple I've done! Of course, I have had more than three shakes, although they are repeats that I have made before, I'm sure you don't want me posting the same ones over and over.

 Orange Banana

 I was experiementing here...peach mix in, white chocolate jello, butter extract and vanilla. It reminded me of the peaches n cream oatmeal, without the oatmeal, lol.

This is what I am having right now! Totally experimented lol. Hazelnut, vanilla caramel, white chocolate, coffee cheesecake! It's BOMB!!!

In all jewelry business, here's the first designs for 2013!


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