Monday, October 26, 2009

Model Jewelry Contest of November

November contest is now over. the winner is Meiko :]

Okay, so, I decided I'll try the Sanctuary jewelry model contest again...You have all of November to enter. All you need is to submit a picture of yourself wearing something from Sanctuary :] Try to make it HQ haha. And spread the word of my jewelry!Post about it on Soompi...your blog..facebook..etc! And perhaps become a follower of my blog? :]

REMEMBER, when you're taking a picture, your MAIN focus is the jewelry piece, not your face.

Winner will get:



(earrings are all sterling silver)
So ladies...start sending in your entries!
Contest Entries:

xjunghee from the Soompi Forums

meiko540 from soompi

---remixx from soompi

illusionsz from Soompi

missyxcindy from soompi forums


Anonymous said...

When are the results for this model contest going to be up?

Juli said...

I'm asking around right now. Feel free to vote too

jennybbong said...

are we allowed to vote here? :D

Juli said...

yep yep

Juli said...

Just one person.

Minnie said...

meiko540 : D

Tanya said...

xjunghee :)

Eunae said...


kiki said...


xjunghee said...

woOoOoOoOoOH~ congrats meiko (;

are you doing another contest for December?

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