Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weight & a new wallet

Yeaaaahhh!! So, my boyfriend and I have been trying to lose weight because ever since we got together, we gained a few pounds, lol. I've basically been bouncing around 134~137lbs. I would REALLY like 120~125lbs (just a random FYI, i'm 5'5). When I first woke up today, the scale said 132.6lbs. Now, after a shower, it says 131.8lbs eehhhh? so which one do i weigh?! D:< Whatever. as long as it's below 133lbs i'm happy lol. i'm getting lazy to keep typing with caps! whateveeer.
Time to eat one of my whipped bar thingies from South Beach Living...they're so gooooood.
Wow my desk is extremely messy right now.........................haha

Anyway... I got this wallet purse thingy from my mom ( i forgot what they're called ;p)! usually, i'll never use this type of stuff, but i really like it o_o

And work on jewelry and the follower give away ;D


amynaree said...

cute wallet! and yea i'm trying to lose some weight as well but I keep eating everything in sight because Holiday food and sweets are too yummy to resist

*~kAy~* said...

cute purse/clutch? :P

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