Saturday, January 2, 2010

First expensive makeup buy for Juli!

Edit #2!: YEAAAAAAAAAH finished the add to cart buttons on necklaces! i figured out why it's being stupid :[ i have to leave the giant spaces in between the's bugging me though lol. aaaaaaand i finished some orders O; Half way done with earrings :]

Edit: oh my god my arm is shaking LOL. making jewelry is so harddddd (it's tired from tennis) :[

Sorry I haven't made any new designs lately :[ I haven't really been home all week, much! Especially the past two~three days. I'm home for the rest of the night (I think LOL) So I'll be doing some jewelry orders I have and hopefully make something new :] I need to get those add to cart buttons up too! ahh so much to do since I haven't been home.
I feel like playing tennis!

Anyone gone shopping for any sales yet? I went to Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body. I got 3 bras & a lotion from Bath & Body. I've NEVER bought bras from Victoria's secret before because I'm extremely cheap. I'm never going to buy bras anywhere else lol. I got 3 for $75 total...they were on sale for $23 each. That's a lot for me okay! T_T I'm used to paying $5~15 :P  Then I bought Urban Decay's Complexion Primer.

My first expensive makeup buy! I had a $25 gift card...that's why :P hahaha. I've yet to test it out though.


Edna said...

YAY for your spurge purchases :) I LOVE VS bras! I wouldn't wear any other brand besides VS! I feel terrible for not updating my blog with your creations. I gave them a photo shoot by itself but the lighting at my place sucks ass and I need to figure out a place where I can take decent pictures. I need the SUN in norcal!!! :(

Zoe said...

I think VS's bras are really great stuff^^, u should share with us some reviews on Urban Decay's Complexion Primer.
This post made me really laugh,u r so funny^^..

Iyah said...

VS Bras!! Reminds me that I need em!! I need new ones.. hahaha! I wish I'll be able to go tomorrow to see what they have at their semi-annual sale :D

Anywho, I did a month by month by going through my whole posts for 2009 - that helped me remember it.. hahaha! :D and oh yeah I know the guppy's by irvine.. :D

Anonymous said...

<3 Great purchases!

err...what happened to the cuff earrings section?

Juli said...

Wow I have no idea what happened to the ear cuffs. I didn't delete them or anything. I'll fix that D:

amynaree said...

great buy! i'm really curious about this too so pls do a review soon

Mets GirLL said...

I used to be cheap with my bras, and a lot of the time I still am, I can get some awesome bras from Marshalls, but I do love the way my VS bras make my boobs look lol.

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