Sunday, February 7, 2010

Intoducing... anklets! and a new bracelet :P

I'm going to experiment on making swarovski jewelry with hair ties VERY soon ;]

Who's ready for the casual dress and sandals wearing here in the US? I sure as hell know I am! I need to get new sandals though...haha. Well, I'm going to start making some anklets now! Here's the first piece :] I hope you like it!

Fly To Me Anklet
8mm light sapphire & crystal clear swarovski rondelles, 8mm light sapphire swarovski star, star & wing charms, with a 10mm swarovski crystal AB heart. 

And the new bracelet:
Evening Nights Bracelet
6mm crystal clear swarovski round beads, 8mm jet black swarovski rondelles, jet black 4mm bicones, dark gray glass pearls & star charms. 


Kym said...

good idea on the anklets! especially for you guys! not so much for us here.. we're still wearing double layers to battle the cold. haha!

Iyah said...

I am not ready for the sandals season because that means I need foot spas again all the time. hahahah! I love getting them though ♥

Cute anklets. I never wear them, I dunno why? Hmmm..

Pop Champagne said...

awww cute, I love the wings charms!! :D

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