Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoya, "healthy" water, Vegas Pics

My first time ordering from Zoya! They took at least a week to charge my card (which was pretty weird to me) along with USPS too forever to ship it!! Anyway... 
I am pretty much a sucker for neutral polish colors. Mainly for my hands, I don't like having bright flashy colors on my nails! Although, for my toe nails, I will pretty much do any color. I LOVE bright orange colors on my toes!
I ordered:
Zoya Touch Collection Sampler Trio
Meadow, Jordana and I had to get Jules because since my name is Juli..yep, you get it.

 Close Up of Jules

As you can see, I currently have falsies on so once those come off, I'm definitely using one of these Zoya colors!


Cucumber Mint Water
I just set this up to drink tomorrow. It's supposed to be good for you (supposedly to "maintain" a flat belly. reduce bloating), so I will find out how it tastes tomorrow! Then with continued drinking...if I actually feel any difference. I found it on pintrest!

 Vegas Pics!
This is our COMP room from Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I LOVE that casino/hotel/whatever along with their room. This room is on the East Tower, which is a lot nicer than the West Tower rooms (we had a West Tower room the last time we went). I wish I could live in this room!!! Oh my gosh!!!!

(you will come to learn we, myself & my boyfriend Jordon, get a lot of comp stuff as you continue to read my blog. On that note...we got a COMPLIMENTARY cruise!! From Barona in San Diego. They are my favorite casino. They pretty much will comp everything for you there lol (well, food & rooms) Last year we got one from them too! For Norwegian cruise lines)

 A "window" between the bathroom and "living" room
  See!! I could live here!! A desk for my jewelry making!

The "kitchen" area has a microwave, fridge, freezer, sink and even a DISH WASHER!!

 View from the balcony... <3
 The Bellagio water show!
 Chillin on the balcony ;]

Down side of this trip...I forgot my new makeup/train case!!! I haven't even had it for a month! My Mom got it for me for Christmas and I loveeee it! I really hope I can get it back :/ It not only has my makeup, toners, face creams/etc but also fancy diamond earrings from my boyfriend from our 2 year anni, ahhh!! We called and they said they have it in lost in found with our name on it. They are supposed to call us with what they are going to do. If they don't ship it, I am so going back to get it, within a month!!


MileParis. :) said...

i like nail polishes! cute colors. :)
and let me know about the taste of that crazy drink, lol
prolly wont be so bad cuz cucumber are pretty sweet. :)

Juli said...

Yah I like it!! I'd rather it without the ginger though

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