Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recent buys

I love using facial scrubs in the shower! I personally prefer scrubs over cleansers because I feel that cleansers don't do the I like the feel of the scrubs on my skin!
I recently finished St Ives Green Tea Scrub. Anything with green tea will pretty much draw me in .
As some of you may know, St Ives scrubs are usually more on the rough side, but they have recently been adding more to their line with "softer" beads. This one has a feel of TINY little grains and is perfect for a scrub. Not to rough. The smell doesn't exactly remind me of green tea, but it does have a  hint of it. It claims to reduce redness, but I honestly didn't pay attention to that lol. All in all..would I buy it again...yes.

I usually use showers as a "wake up" when I am passing out while doing jewelry! So I decided to get one of those morning ones that claim to wake you up!
When I was a teenager, Clean & Clear was my brand of choice in attempts to clear my acne...their products never helped me, naturally, I became a hater of their brand. I switched to (Neutrogena for acne products, that made a difference). I decided "hell, why not try them again" 7+ years later!
I purchased Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. 

I'm pleased! It does as it says, my skin does look a little brighter after using the product. The smell is nice, it's more lemon scented than papaya, but it is definitely not an over powering smell. The scrub is more of a gel than a cream and has soft jojoba beads. Would I buy it again... yes!!

Bath and Body works has their 2 for $20 3 wick candles! I love their candles! They recently brought a ton of new scents. I still have a lot of candles stocked up, so I had to restrain and only buy 2. I purchased Green Grass and Sunrise Lagoon. I love "fresh" and floral scents in candles and perfumes/lotions/sprays rather than fruity. I don't want to smell like a fruit lol. I am really digging all their new stuff because it has that  tropical feel to everything, one of my weaknesses! 

I actually just bought more flowers like this:
To make more hawaiian flower looking jewelry! Perfect for summer ;]

I'm always looking for flats shoes. I don't have any well because.. I can never find any that are comfy!! I recently found these at Tillys. They aren't exactly "cute" flats, basically just for casual stuff. I love to wear yoga/lounge pants..these shoes are perfect for that! They have a lot of different colors and prints, are only $20..on top of..very comfortable!! I bought the black ones and I need to get the leopard print one!! ahh!


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