Sunday, March 25, 2012

Juju's Chopped Cobb Salad

Before I start off saying what I put in this salad, I will start off with what inspired me to do this post. As some of you may know, Pintrest can be like crack sometimes. That's how it is to me. How can one resist looking at all those delicious food recipes?! If you're not already following me on pintrest, I suggest you do. Just so you can see how addicted I am to this pintrest crack:
Another thing you may notice is, I try to pin a lot of "healthy" stuff. Just because I'm pretty much, I admit it, obsessed with my weight, and obsessed with food. I talk about this and that (just ask Kas of Pretty Addictions LOL). If you have me friended on FB, you always see my posts are about food. I mean who can resist yummy food porn pictures on peoples' FBs? I've been like that since High School when I went into a mode of "I need to loose weight!" You know that saying, that once we all finish high school, we gain weight? I did the exact opposite.
Now, before I list what I put in my salad (again), keep in mind, I don't like veggies. I LOVE salads, but I hate salads that are based off of tomatoes and onions, I'm sorry. They just freak me out, especially if they are fresh lol. 
This recipe is supposed to be for your first serving + some left overs. Unless, you plan on feeding it for your family. Or in my case my boyfriend, who of course will not eat it. Oh well. You know men and their carbie, fatty, meaty foods. But who could resist cheese fries?
That was from Friday night's fatty dinner at Dave & Busters. We also ordered hot wings and these weird steak egg roll things. Oh, plus drinks. Some diet food eh? lol. But it was SOOO GOOOOOD!!!! :D
Keep in mind, I'm not trying to make this into a crazy professional recipe, this is just to show how I make my salad for those who have seem me posting on Fb about cobb salads lately lol.

Juju's Chopped Cobb Salad
Remember, this is just how I personally like it, of course you can feel free to remove and add any of your own ingredients. Such as tomatoes and onions. 
I will not be putting amounts in the ingredients because that is up to you. If you would want it to be a one time, salad for one meal, family meal, or save some for left overs..make more or less!

- Lettuce, I prefer to mix an herb mix and romaine lettuce
- Hard boiled eggs, sliced
- Avocado, sliced into cubes
- Bacon, cut into little pieces
(I used turkey bacon to keep it on the "healthy" side)
- Chickpeas/garbanzo beans
- Black olives
- Cucumbers, cut in cubes or sliced 
- Roast or Grilled Chicken
- Your cheese of choice, I like to use Feta cheese
- Sliced almonds if you would like an extra crunch in your salad, although I used pepita seeds this time around.
- Your dressing of choice*

Romaine is my lettuce of choice, although, I like to throw in an herb mix as well to get more nutrients out of my salad.

Chop your lettuce!
Put your sides together - I forgot the avocado in the picture, oops!

I had bought a roast chicken a couple of days ago, so I decided to use the roast chicken instead of grilling some, so this one didn't go bad! haha

Put everything together with the cheese and dressing!

Toss and enjoy!

Some news on me...we're looking to lease a house!! I NEED IT! We need the 2 car garage and I need a work room,instead of having everything all over the place in our living room (my jewelry work space) and kitchen (makeup work space). We found one..there 4 other people they are considering to move in...ahhh!! I really hope we get it! We already passed their credit checks and whatever. The only issue is our move in date. But..I want it so bad I'm willing to pay rent here and rent at the house...I guess.. haha. It's a very well kept house!! We went to meet with the owners today. Wish us luck!!


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