Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My break today from work..spent with Kayla!

Since I haven't made any posts recently, I thought I'd do a quick one right now of my findings today!
I don't go out too often since I am pretty much a workaholic and don't get much time to myself... but today was spent with my friend Kayla!
 Oh and guess what...I FINALLY got an iPhone today!! YAY!! I cannot put it down :p You'd think me, a person who has their own business, would have a "smart" phone lol. 

Anyway! We decided to go to CVS after lunch..this is what I got:
Basically a bunch of lippies because I am a lippie freak, 2 polishes by Wet n Wild but a "new" brand they made, Wet n Wild Tinted Moisturizer in Sun Kissed, a rip off perfume of J. Lo's Glow (it smells just like it and it was only $10!), Wet n Wild cream eye liner gel and lash glue to finally try my official attempt at lashes. Along with 2 Wet n Wild lipsticks and one of Revlon's lip butters which I LOVE. I need to get the other colors!
You may be noticing that most of the stuff is Wet n Wild...well they were on sale for 30% off :p

As Kayla's friend commented.. Only in America!
Hilarious lol. No we didn't buy it!!

I plan to try this very soon :p

My first official attempt of applying falsie lashes...success! :]

Of course I had to get my Starbucks fix as well.
My usual is an Iced Non Fat Caramel Macchiato!


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