Thursday, September 13, 2012

Body by Vi Visalus Shakes 90 day Challenge

We're all thriving to find an easy way to loose weight. I know..exercise and diet...Although, it's not that I'm lazy to exercise, it's just I would much prefer to spend my time making jewelry orders!
Yes...some of you may say I don't need to lose weight because I am "skinny" although, what you don't know, is sure I weigh "only" 140, yes, I DO have a belly (suck it in!), but I am probably about 30-35% fat, which isn't exactly ideal lol.

Kas introduced me into this shake program from Body by Vi, I haven't even tried it yet and I've become completely obsessed!
My shake mix arrives tomorrow and I am soooo excited! Why? because you can make large variety of SWEET, GOODY, HEALTHY shakes! The mix supposedly tastes like cake mix..yum!
Loose weight off a shamrock shake, fraps, etc..? I'll take it!!
I made a board on pinterest that is FULL of a ton of recipes that I plan on trying!

You're supposed to do it for 90 days, I'm not exactly sure if I will be doing it for the full 90 days, but definitely at least a month. My boyfriend has been looking for ways to loose weigh as well (and still eat..ahhaha), it's always easier if a couple does diet stuff together, so we are both doing the shakes together.
My goal is to post and do reviews of all the shakes I try! :) (prepare for image spam! haha)
Stay tuned!!


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