Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beauty Randoms

I recently received this in my first Ulta order last week. After the first use, I was in LOVE. This stuff is AMAZING!! By far the best eye makeup remover I have ever tried. Most of the time, they are too oily/greasy or sometimes make the skin around my eyes red after using them. Not this remover! I will probably never use any other eye makeup remover ever again, I'm sold for life lol!

I have seen a lot of my friends posting about this and I had to get my hands on it. I was hesitant to get it from the store so I was waiting for a sale online..perfect, ulta had a 40% off sale! I am completely in love with this foundation and it is now my official favorite. After 6 hours of wear, it doesn't even appear cakey and it looks as if i had just applied the foundation! I have an issue where after awhile, my T zone gets cakey..not with this!

Nails! I have been looking for a gold glitter polish that I really liked at Target/Walmart for a few months now...then I saw the elf one at target! <3 it Here it's being used over my favorite polish of all time from OPI, Tickle My Francey.
I love neutral colors on my finger nails, I don't like to get too crazy- this is perfect, I LOVE it! I work with my hands CONSTANTLY (making jewelry) so if I had some crazy flashy polish, it will irritate me seeing it all day lol.

Dress I wore for a wedding luncheon reception thing! My ankle/foot was killing me afterwards -_- (I recently sprained it or something a week's all bruised and gross ..ew)


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