Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 13 Body by Vi Shakes

Banana-orange n creme shake right now! Sorry I got lazy to take a picture lol. I used the Vi-shake mix ins instead of real orange juice (turns out mine expired...) and 1 banana. surprisingly it didn't turn out too vitamin tasting, I was surprised!

Today is day 13. I can say, unsatisfying, I'm personally not dropping the pounds, but, I wasn't expecting that since I started this thing at 142-140 (it was changing a lot between that). I'm steadily at 140... but I did have to cheat 3 times last week with drinking! :( (events that I couldn't be able to handle if I were sober HAHA).
BUT..on the bright side, I do feel a lot less bloated which I LOVE! All I can say, is these shakes better do what they claim...if it's keeping me at my own weight, but converting fat into muscle..that is fine with me! Since muscle does look better than fat haha.
I did take a before picture right when I started, but I've yet to take it now after about 2 weeks...maybe today or tomorrow. I'm saving those pictures for later if there's a noticeable difference :p

For this post, I will be posting only the pictures of the shakes I have been doing since I last made a post. Most of you that really want to know the recipe, I am sure can figure out. But if you would like it, feel free to email me or add me as a friend on FB (link to the right >)
Most of the time, I post these on facebook and instagram as well.

 Another vanilla caramel frappuccino (from a previous post)

 Strawberry banana n creme

 Strawberry cheesecake and coffee cheesecake. I had a little issue with these. Either I just so happened to add too much mix of the cheesecake jello or vi-shape mix both times..or it's just the cheesecake. I personally think it's the cheesecake mix because I made stawberry cheesecake twice and it came out the same (that time WITHOUT the strawberry mix in).
Anyway, the problem I had was they had a major vitamin taste! They were still good, just that vitamin after taste bothered me :(

Cookies n creme shake again

 Chocolate banana! I tasted the banana more than the chocolate!

 I went a bit crazy on this and pretty much mixed all my coffee things lol. It was actually really good! 

 Hazelnut frappeccino

Egg nog coffee frappuccino!
The "holiday nog" shown here is a diet version of regular egg nog. I still prefer the regular one WAY better!


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